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Saturday, 10 September 2016

How to Reset an HP Photosmart Printer?

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Printer is a widely used device that can be found in almost all offices and also in several homes for printing purposes. It is as essential as a mobile device in the recent time. It is a wonderful device that prints excellently. But like other electronic devices printer may also interrupt your work with certain errors. These errors need solutions and easy solutions to printer problem can be obtained by HP printer support UK

Once you are using a HP photo smart printer you may face problems such as software problems or error messages. What can disturb you more is ink cartridges problems and other printing errors. All this problems has solutions, you can try several things to eliminate the problems which may include:

1. Disconnect the printer - The best way to eliminate any problem in printer is by reset an HP Photo smart printer. For this you need to completely disconnect your printer from power and then by switching it on you need to reset all its settings.

2. Remove printer cartridges – Sometimes to reset the printer task you need to stop the ink sending to paper from the cartridges. For this you need to remove the ink cartridges. You can remove the ink cartridges by opening the cover of your HP printer and simply taking out the cartridges. Once you will close the cover you will get a message of Insert Ink Cartridges. This is a indication that printer is reset. 

3. Switch on the printer – For resetting the printer you can simply switch off your printer and then can switch it on.

4. Reconnect the USB Cable – If nothing works simply disconnect the printer from the USB cable after switching it off. After few minutes put the USB cable back into the printer and to the socket and then switch it on.

5. Restore factory setting – The simple and the most advisable method is changing your printer settings. By default there is factory setting installed at the time of opening of the printer for the first time. If you do not have any option you can simply switch on your printer go to factory settings of the printer and select the option of restore factory defaults settings.

6. Call for help – If nothing helps you can directly call the HP printer customer Support for instant printer help. By calling this number you can get easy help for all types of HP printer problems. 

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