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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How to fix printing quality problems with hp printer support

Even though printer is one of the most widely used device that is required on daily basis user face one or the other problem with it. While using printer it is obvious to face certain types of issue to all such issues easy help can be taken by calling HP printer support number.
One of the prominent among them is of quality. You may expect a well fabricated letters on paper while printing but chances are there that you may get diminishing letter. Precautions to be taken for avoiding bad quality printing are:-. 

  • Check the cartridges.
  •   Check the communication fault.
  •   Regularly check the print head nozzle.
  • Align the paper properly in the tray.
  • Quality of paper to be used should be good and according to ink used as possibility is there, paper may not support the ink which is being used.
  •   Font used should in printing should not be too small and for picture quality check the pixel.
  •    Last but not the least check whether all connections are intact.
 If you are having printing quality problem, please try the following instruction:

  •    Switch off the system and remove the electric plug
  •  Take out the cartridge from your printer first and turn off your printer for a minute.
  •   Please make sure all the sealing tapes are removed.
  •    Shake your cartridge side to side gently 5-6 times. Shake slowly so the ink will shift to the side showing blank and make sure ink distributes evenly inside.
  • Be sure to shake the cartridge gently, or it may spill out.
  • Turn your printer back on and reinstall the cartridge.
  •  Try to perform the printer machine cleaning cycle following the user's manual indications or check the print density settings since it may be too light. 
Depending on requirement many types of printer is available in market i.e   Ink jet & Laser printer. If you need a printer to just print basic documents, with or without color, like a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, Web page, or an E-mail message, a document printer is adequate for the job than inkjet printer is best.

But if you want to print photos up to 8 x 10 in size and needs the photos to be high quality, the photosmart printer is the best option and if you still have any confusion or problem with printer take instant help from HP printer contact number 0800 098 8771.

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  1. This is very informative post having the details of hp printer support. This is a genuine problem that user gets while installing the default printer. Anyone can get help from this post.

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