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Friday, 3 February 2017

How to Reset the Ink Cartridges of your HP Printer
HP Printer are one of the most reliable and trusted printers. HP Printers are well known due to its efficient quality. HP Printer also provides the option of refilling the older ink cartridges. Purchasing of new ink cartridges will become very expensive. You will reuse the older ink cartridges of your HP Printer by refilling the older ink cartridges with an ink refilling kit. However your HP printer won't acknowledge the cartridge, although it is refilled, as full, making it nearly useless. In order to avoid this kind of problem, you may need to reset the cartridge of your HP Printer. This method will be simply accomplished by using tape. When undergoing this method, the cartridge of your HP Printer is going to be reset and recognized as fully filled. The refilling of older ink cartridges saves your money. helps you by giving you the all useful information in order to rest the ink level in inkjet cartridges of your HP Printer.

There are the following some instructions that you must follow to reset ink cartridge of your HP Printer: 

  • Search the contacts of six copper colored lines on the cartridge and place tape over the primary dot on the second copper line that is found on the left side of the cartridge of your HP Printer.   
  • Now insert the cartridge into your HP printer and print a try page to activate the cartridge of your HP Printer. 
  • After printing the try page, you may remove the ink cartridge from your HP printer. · Do not take away the sticky tape on the primary contact. 
  • Place some tape over the second contact, covering it, that is that the 1st dot within the fifth copper line found on the right side of the cartridge. 
  • Now reinsert the ink cartridge into your HP printer, and then you may print another try page. 
  • Now remove the ink cartridge from your HP Printer once more.
  • Now remove the sticky tape from each contact, and ensure that there is no tape residue on the contacts. 
  • Then reinsert the ink cartridge into your HP Printer. 
  • At the end, your HP Printer can currently acknowledge the cartridge as fully filled and reset. 

If you have any problem in the method of resetting ink cartridges of your HP Printer, then you can contact 0800 098 8771 to get the appropriate and best solution to fix your problem at 24*7.

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    It is nice and informative one. From this blog, i am very clear about how to rest ink cartridges of my HP printer. I am in one confusion that How to remove the ink cartridges easily.

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    Thanks for sharing the post ...
    It was very useful to know the method of resetting ink catridges.

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    Hi James Smith. What a wonderful and informative blog you gave to us. I am very happy to read your blog. I am expecting more blogs like this in future.

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