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Monday, 12 June 2017

Is Printer Not Working After Changing a Cartridge?

You may depend on your printer to make an assortment of essential documents, for example, letters and business promotions. After supplanting your printer's empty ink cartridge, the machine might not print accurately or by any means. This regularly happens when the printer doesn't perceive the cartridge or "considers" it's as yet empty. These issues are significantly more typical if you refilled the empty cartridge yourself.
HP Printer support number also helps you to reset the printer ink cartridge through the post on How to Reset the Ink Cartridge.
Expel Protective Tape
Most ink cartridges dispatch with a little segment of defensive tape covering the print spout. This tape hinders the spout to keep ink from spilling out during storage. In the event that you don't expel/remove the tape, the cartridge won't have the capacity to print. Expel the cartridge from the printer and search for the tape. Its shading may change contingent upon the model of the cartridge. Try not to expel some other labels on the cartridge. These seal the cartridge so the ink doesn't dry out. In case you expel the label, the ink can dry out quickly.
Properly Reset Your Ink Cartridge Counter
Your printer device may not perceive the new ink cartridge, or the ink counter may read it as empty. Numerous printers have a cartridge reset highlight that strengths the device to perceive the cartridge as new. For instance, to reset the cartridge in some Epson Stylus models, press and hold the "Cleaning" option or the "Load or Eject" link for three seconds. Lift the clip securing the cartridge, however don't expel the cartridge from the printer. Close the clasp and press "load and Eject" once more. Counsel your printer's client manual to take in the reset procedure for your printer.
 Run Cleaning Cycle
On the off chance that your ink cartridge sat away for any timeframe, the ink may have begun to dry out. Running an amplified cleaning cycle may remedy the issue and enable the printer to perceive the cartridge. Ensure your printer for a "Cleaning" catch and press it or hold it down for a few moments. Read the printer's manual to discover how to run a cleaning cycle on your device. In the wake of running the cleaning cycle, print a test page to decide if the printer can print once more.
Refilled Cartridge Issues
Refilling ink cartridges will spare you money, yet refilled cartridges have their own arrangement of conceivable issues. Resolve this issue by removing the cartridge and infusing more ink into the wipe through the left opening. Air bubbles additionally can get caught inside the cartridge, blocking ink stream. Enable the cartridge to sit unused for 60 minutes to allow the rise to remove without anyone else. In the event that the issue endures, remove the cartridge and delicately tap it on a table to remove the bubble.
If you are interested in getting more effective solutions related to printer cartridge then read our blog - Unable to Setup Print Cartridges in HP Printer Devices that explains more on this topic.

You may also contact the third party HP Printer Customer Service Number for instant technical solutions related to printer device. Toll free helpline 0800 098 8771 always available to assist you!


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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Override Ink your HP Photosmart Printer Printers are one of the most delicate printers due its super fine printing quality. It has superior ink quality cartridges which gives neat and clear print pages. The black and color ink cartridges used in your printers have an internal expiration date separate from the end of warranty date on the packaging. The expiration of your ink cartridges cause the problem of faded printing. The HP software lets you temporarily override an ink expiration message each time whenever you try to print a page. The perfect solution of this problem is to install a new cartridge. Service provides some basic measures to perform this task. 

Instructions to install a new ink cartridge are the following: 

  • Put at least one piece of standard paper, white copy paper in the paper feed input tray at the bottom of your Photo smart printer. 
  • There is a Hold button at the top left side of your printer, hold down it. 
  • Click on the "Start Color Copy" button on the control panel with the "Cancel" button which is still held down.
  • Now release both buttons at the same time in order to print a test page which contains the ink information of your printer.
  • Check the entry named "# 53" on the test page to certify the date of expiration of both cartridges. 
  • Take a look at the lower right corner of your computer's screen to see if an "Ink Expiration" error message has appeared. 
  • Click on the "Continue" button to override the error message of ink expiration and continue start printing. 
  • The message will continue to appear with each print until you replace the expired cartridge.
  • Open the cartridge access door at the front of your Photosmart printer and wait for the metal ink carriage to slide into view. 
  • Crunch the plastic tab which is holding the black cartridge in place and remove the black cartridge from your printer. 
  • If the color cartridge is also expired then continue with this process. 
  • Put the new HP 92 black and HP 93 color cartridges into their corresponding slots on the ink carriage.
  • Put the plastic tab back into their place and close the access door to override the error messages of ink expiration for permanently. 

HP 92 & HP 93 ink cartridges are available through HP, and they also can be found at office supply stores and other retails shops that carry the printers. 

For any other technical help and support, contact to our technical experts by calling 0800 098 8771.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Install the Scanning Software for your HP OfficeJet 5500

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The HP Officejet 5500 is an all in one printer of the range of printers. It had much different functionalities like printing, copying and scanning as compare to any other printer. It also supports a brilliant printing quality. It is one of the most reliable and significant due to its fast printing experience. It also provides neat and clean printing pages. 

In order to access the multi functional device with your pc, you need to install the appropriate drivers that the system is aware of the perfect way to work with new hardware. To use the scanner, you need to install software for it. If you have lost the installation CD typically enclosed with the Officejet, you can simply transfer the right code via the official website of HP. To use scanner, you may have to install the exact software, provides you the some basic instructions in order to install the software for scanning on your printer. 

Here are the following some given instructions that you must follow to install the software program of scanning: 

  • At first, visit to the official website page of HP Software and Driver Downloads for your HP Officejet 5500. 
  • Now, from the given list, you may select your operating system. 
  • Then you may click on the “Next” to look at offered downloads. 
  • By clicking on the “+” icon, you may expand the “Driver” options. 
  • Locate “HP Officejet and PSC Full Feature code and Driver” and then click on the choice of "Download". 
  • This will download the both driver and HP Picture and Imaging suite.
  •  Then save the file on your desktop.
  •  Now double click on the downloaded file. 
  • To install the software on your system, you may have to follow the given onscreen instructions. 
  • Do not connect the Officejet until you are prompted. 
  • When the software program is installed on your system, then you may restart your system.
  • Then open the installed HP Picture and Imaging software to start accessing the scanner part of your all in one Office Jet 5500 printer. 

Therefore, you can easily install the scanning software on your system to scan the documents. In case when you face any difficulty in installing process, then you must contact with 0800 098 8771 to get the best and suitable solution of your any problem at 24*7. 

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Fix Streaks on your HP Laser Printers

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HP Laser Printers are broadly used printers in business environments as well as in homes. They are the most trustworthy printers and also very reliable and rapid for printing purposes. They are well known for its brilliant printing quality. But rather of its qualities, it also leads to a problem when it creates streaks. Sometimes you can find streaks or blank spaces in your printed pages. It is creating a problem in your printing purpose. You may correct this most common reason of printing pages incorrectly with only a few brief troubleshooting steps. provides you the brief information and procedure in order to fix the streaks while printing pages. 

Following are the given some steps to troubleshoot your printing problem: 

  • Redistribute the toner by removing of the printer cartridge and twisting it softly from returned to front. If the cartridge is consumed, update it. Clean the old cartridge with a wet cloth.
  • Make certain that you've got eliminated any tape from a brand new cartridge before setting it within the printer. 
  • Observe modern cleaning strategies. First, unplug the printer, and then remove the toner cartridge. 
  • Clean the path of printer with a wet cloth. Use the cloth to clean the toner cavity which means the area inside the printer where the toner cartridge suits, then reinsert the toner cartridge in the printer.
  • Make certain that the paper you are using is the perfect type. If the paper is too rough or isn't intended for use with your printer, you are probably to revel in printing issues.
  • You may adjust the density setting of toner on the control panel of your printer. 
  • You may use this setting by pressing the menu key which is at the front of the printer. 
  • You can discover the whole menu in the manual of your printer.
  •  You may clean the internal replicate by blowing canned air through the printer itself. Canned air is genuinely a pressurized aerosol can which blows air forcefully sufficient to do away with dirt and debris, however it will not damage your digital gadget. 
  •  Paper dirt and toner can settle on the mirrors and lasers which causing printing issues. 
  • Now, try to print a page to see that your printer is working properly without creating any streaks.

 If you still face the given problem then you have to contact to 0800 098 8771 to get the instant solution to fix the issue of streaks with your printer. 

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Friday, 3 February 2017

How to Reset the Ink Cartridges of your HP Printer
HP Printer are one of the most reliable and trusted printers. HP Printers are well known due to its efficient quality. HP Printer also provides the option of refilling the older ink cartridges. Purchasing of new ink cartridges will become very expensive. You will reuse the older ink cartridges of your HP Printer by refilling the older ink cartridges with an ink refilling kit. However your HP printer won't acknowledge the cartridge, although it is refilled, as full, making it nearly useless. In order to avoid this kind of problem, you may need to reset the cartridge of your HP Printer. This method will be simply accomplished by using tape. When undergoing this method, the cartridge of your HP Printer is going to be reset and recognized as fully filled. The refilling of older ink cartridges saves your money. helps you by giving you the all useful information in order to rest the ink level in inkjet cartridges of your HP Printer.

There are the following some instructions that you must follow to reset ink cartridge of your HP Printer: 

  • Search the contacts of six copper colored lines on the cartridge and place tape over the primary dot on the second copper line that is found on the left side of the cartridge of your HP Printer.   
  • Now insert the cartridge into your HP printer and print a try page to activate the cartridge of your HP Printer. 
  • After printing the try page, you may remove the ink cartridge from your HP printer. · Do not take away the sticky tape on the primary contact. 
  • Place some tape over the second contact, covering it, that is that the 1st dot within the fifth copper line found on the right side of the cartridge. 
  • Now reinsert the ink cartridge into your HP printer, and then you may print another try page. 
  • Now remove the ink cartridge from your HP Printer once more.
  • Now remove the sticky tape from each contact, and ensure that there is no tape residue on the contacts. 
  • Then reinsert the ink cartridge into your HP Printer. 
  • At the end, your HP Printer can currently acknowledge the cartridge as fully filled and reset. 

If you have any problem in the method of resetting ink cartridges of your HP Printer, then you can contact 0800 098 8771 to get the appropriate and best solution to fix your problem at 24*7.
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